Inspired by Wes Bos', I have put together a list of my current setup.


Visual Studio Code

Not only do I use VS Code for code, but I also write pretty much everything else in there. In comparison to word processors such as Microsoft Word, VS Code doesn't allow you to format text as such, which means I have one less opportunity to procrastinate on whatever I am writing.

VS Code also has an amazing ecosystem of extensions. Those I use are listed in my Mac Setup process.


My main browser is the MacOS default browser, Safari. Despite its bad reputation, it is good looking and works well with Apple Keychain, so there is no need to use a 3rd party password manager.

During development, I also test on Firefox and Chrome.

Web Services


I host all of my code on GitHub. All of my code repositories are public.

I also use GitHub private repositories as a backup for personal stuff, such as essays, etc.


All of my web-based projects are hosted on Vercel. They are specifically designed to host Next.js applications (such as this one), since they are the creators and maintainers of Next.js. They also offer a generous free tier, which is an added bonus.

Command Line Stuff


I use the default MacOS Terminal. MacOS ships with it, and it serves its purpose. End of story.

Fish Shell

My default shell is fish (friendly interactive shell). It's syntax is nice, but its real value lies with its inbuilt autocompletion. Fish also comes with a few other small improvements, such as .. mapping to cd ...


As a shell prompt, I use Starship. It shows information relevant to the directory one is currently in, such as git status, npm version, and the time the last command took to execute. Starship is a cross-shell prompt, so it integrates smoothly with fish.


Fira Code

For code, I use Fira Code because of the awesome ligatures it ships with. I have it enabled in both VS Code and the default MacOS terminal.


Recently, I have started using Inter because of its clean look and feel. I came across it because Vercel uses it for their interfaces and I really enjoy their designs. I am also using Inter on the third generation of my personal website.

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