Hi, I'm Nico.

I'm an Aspiring Open Sourcerer.

About Me

I'm a High School Student, Hobby Developer, and Aspiring Open Sourcerer currently living in Luxembourg. I have worked with various different technologies, especially in the domain of Web Development.


Here are some of my most cherished projects. All of my code-based projects are Open Source and their source code can be found on GitHub, where you can also find some of my less noteworthy projects.

SOS School

A student initiative to help primary school children in Luxembourg affected by COVID-19 ->more information

Find The Polygon

A Game of Dimensions ->more information

Career Guru

A platform designed to aid students in discovering their professional orientation. ->more information

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Here are some of the most recent articles I have written.

SvelteKit is now Open Source

As of yesterday (March 12), SvelteKit is Open Source. Hooray! While not officially in public beta y...

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If you would like to get in touch with me, you can do so via email. I am also available on DEV.